Safety Tips for 24/7 Access outside Reg Business Hours

Safety Tips for 24/7 Access outside Reg Business Hours

Greetings fellow Satellite members!

The year has officially made its way back to having darker and colder days. We’d like to take a moment to share some helpful tips on how to stay safe and protected, while at the same time maintain effective and productive in all your work tasks at the Satellite!

Here at the Satellite, we take your well being and security very seriously. Cameras are placed to view the front and back doors and the open cubicle area. Even though you have 24/7 access, only members or their guests for meetings can enter the Satellite during non-staffed hours.

If you’re working outside regular business hours and you see/hear people knocking to get your attention to open doors, please do not engage.

All who’ve been granted access to the building during unstaffed hours have a 24/7 access key.

Do not leave unattended keys or correspondence out in the open. Also, please do not accept correspondence from mail delivery personnel or people stopping by from the neighborhood.

If you forget your key card or need immediate staff support with non-emergency matters, please call our after hour support line, and someone will return your call as soon as possible.

(408) 442-3040

Please do not disturb people at work – they might be working on a deadline.

In case of an emergency, dial 911.

Find more tips on how to maintain safe and vigilant during this holiday season at the National Neighborhood Watch; A Division of the National Sheriffs’ Association.

We look forward to ending another great and safe year with our great coworking/shared office community!

Contact Maria at The Satellite Felton for more with any questions concerning after hour safety, or to learn more about membership at other Satellite Centers.

The Satellite Centers Rank in The Top 50 Pet Friendly Coworking Hubs

The Satellite Centers Rank in The Top 50 Pet Friendly Coworking Hubs

THANK YOU to Commercial Cafe for recognizing The Satellite Centers among the best places to bring your pet to work!

A relatively recent addition to the ever-growing list of desirable work perks nowadays is a pet-friendly office policy. Depending, of course, on local regulations and landlord approval, some companies offer employees the option of bringing their beloved pets to work–a work perk that is highly sought after by Millennials. Since this generation tends to delay parenthood or choose to not have children at all, some people think of their pets as family, and a company that embraces a pet-friendly office policy will have a much better chance at employee attraction and retention.

For more information on The Satellite Centers pet-friendly coworking spaces, contact Maria

To learn more about the perks of bringing your pet to work, check out this post by Commercial Cafe.