International Coworking Day 2022


Dear Members & Friends,

Please join us for a FREE day of coworking in celebration of International Coworking Day on August 9, 2022. We are opening our doors to all for a chance to try our space, meet neighbors, and be productive!

At Satellite Workplaces, we believe a new, healthy work-life balance, coupled with vibrant, active communities, can be created using remote technology tools and local, connected workspace: a 21st Century Village in which people can minimize commutes and work anywhere in the world while physically living and connecting in their chosen community.

On August 9th, we are celebrating our commitment to providing comfortable, connected, affordable community workplaces. We believe local coworking spaces have the power to enhance walkable communities and vibrant town cores, reduce CO2 emissions and gridlocked roads, and improve workers’ quality of life.

Please join us on August 9th at any of our locations for a full day of coworking, on us! Bring your friends and get to work!

See you soon,

Your Satellite Team

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