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Satellite Workplaces are a network of comfortable and connected flexible office and coworking spaces in California.

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A Network of Boutique Coworking Spaces in San Jose and Surrounding Suburbs

❤️ Loved by 1,000+ California Entrepreneurs

Nestled within the dynamic streets of San Jose and its suburban tapestry, our boutique coworking spaces provide beautiful workspaces that diverge from the typical office environment. Like a botanical garden tucked away in an urban setting, our locations serve as a home away from home for San Jose’s most innovative professionals and businesses.


Here, coworking is more than office sharing; it is community building that helps you achieve work and personal fulfillment. In the coworking den, you’ll feel profoundly productive, and feel inspired to add your name to the long list of success stories coming out of Silicon Valley.

Satellite Workplaces Locations

High-speed Internet
Rock-solid, reliable broadband network connectivity at all Satellite locations.
Secure 24/7 Access
RFID system and camera monitoring enable 24/7 access and security for all members.
Print, Scan, and Fax
Powerful multifunction copiers available with staff assistance for full-service printing.
Mail Services
Get a business address to send and receive mail and packages with our virtual office options.
Event & Meeting Space
Affordable and flexible conference and meeting rooms, with full A/V equipment and hospitality options.
Fully stocked kitchen with free coffee and tea, filtered water and snacks at select locations.
Dog Friendly
Well-behaved dogs are welcome to join our members during their work day.
Fully Accessible
All Satellite locations are fully accessible for people with disabilities.
Skip the isolation and distraction of working from home. Connect locally, even if your work team might be anywhere in the world.
As your work and needs change, move from one type of membership to another. And back again. No long leases or commitments.
Great deals on local and global products and services through our shared buying power.

Why Join Satellite Workplaces?

Satellite Workplaces, co-founded by Barbara Sprenger and Ken Meshke, offers a network of flexible office and coworking spaces in California. The idea stemmed from the need for affordable, professional workspaces that could accommodate various work styles and needs. Key to this concept is the use of Deskworks, a patented software developed by Sprenger. This tool revolutionizes workspace management by allowing businesses to efficiently track and manage employee workspace utilization, catering to the shifting demand for hybrid work. Satellite Workplaces emphasizes flexibility, community, and sustainability, providing an exciting alternative to traditional office environments.

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Small businesses and entrepreneurs have changing needs for office space. We get it. Using Deskworks, our patented membership management platform, our Community Managers can help you build a plan that’s just right.

And then when things change, your plan can change, too.

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Private Offices

Tailored office spaces for individuals or teams seeking privacy and a quiet workspace for concentrated work and client meetings.

Coworking Desks

Coworking desks are great for freelancers, remote workers, and entrepreneurs needing a flexible, productive workspace.

Virtual Plans

Comprehensive virtual services for enhancing business credibility with professional address, phone services, and mail handling.

Buckets of Hours

Pre-paid hourly packages for using coworking spaces, private offices, and conference rooms, ideal for those with fluctuating demand.

Members of Our Community Include

Why Coworking?

Satellite Workplaces offer a comfortable, professional place to connect, to collaborate and to be productive.

Our patented membership platform enables people to have just what they need on demand and as their needs change. Full time office or a place to drop in? Professional conference room to meet clients weekly or meeting space for monthly community activities?

For companies, membership with Satellite Workplaces helps lower facility costs, reduce attrition and absenteeism, meet environmental sustainability goals and have the flexibility to open in new regions without the hassle of long-term leases.

For individuals, membership means working close to home without the distractions and isolation of working in your home. Our members often find business collaborators who provide fresh perspectives and help elevate their skills.

For our wider world, our members are able to avoid long commutes with traffic gridlock and emissions. Plus, our locations are convenient to locally owned shops and restaurants.

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"Satellite Workplaces Is Like A Friend In Need, but for companies. It can help cut facility costs, reduce employee turnover, and help meet environmental sustainability goals."

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