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Private Offices at Satellite Workplaces

We have A Variety Of office sizes available at our locations

1-Person Offices
Perfect For: Individuals looking for a private space
Limited Spaces Available
2-Person Offices
Perfect For: Small teams looking for a local office
Limited Spaces Available
3+ Person Offices
Perfect For: Medium teams managing hybrid work
Limited Spaces Available

1-Person Offices

Conquer Your Day, Your Way

Dive into the world of focused productivity with our 1-Person Private Offices—your personal haven for strategic thinking and execution. These offices are perfect for professionals who demand a quiet, dedicated space for confidential calls and deep work. Embrace the solitude that fuels your ambition, without the distractions of a bustling office or the echo of a coffee shop.

Available At: Campbell, Sunnyvale, Felton, Santa Cruz and Gilroy

2-Person Offices

Collaboration Meets Comfort

Our 2-Person Offices are designed to foster collaboration while offering the comfort of a private space. Ideal for partners and dynamic duos, these offices strike the perfect balance between cooperative work and personal space. With our 2-Person Offices, you can brainstorm, strategize, and innovate with a colleague in an environment that’s as professional as it is inspiring.

Available At: Campbell, Sunnyvale, Felton, Santa Cruz and Gilroy

3+ Person Offices

Hybrid Harmony Provides Room For Scale

Scale your operations with our 3+ Person Offices, where there’s ample room for your entire team to thrive. These offices are the ultimate solution for managers seeking to balance office dynamics with the flexibility of hybrid working schedules. All office tenants can access Deskworks, which allows you to seamlessly manage your hybrid workforce and monitor employee utilization.

Available At: Campbell, Sunnyvale, Santa Cruz and Gilroy

Why Should You Get An Office?


Are you feeling boxed in by the four walls of your home office? Step into Satellite Workplaces, where you’ll achieve more in a day than you have all week. Say goodbye to constant interruptions and the blur between work and home life. Inside our vibrant coworking spaces, you’re not just a renter, but rather an asset. Here, you’re apart a community of driven entrepreneurs, many of whom come from the fast-paced tech world. You’ll finally enjoy work-life balance, without saying goodbye to productivity.


Why work from home when you can work from here?

Have you ever gotten to 5 o’clock, only to realize you didn’t speak to anyone all day? If so, you could be missing out on valuable chance encounters that materialize into priceless career opportunities at Satellite Workplaces. Our memberships are more than an access pass to a piece of shared real estate; they’re an invitation to a community of dreamers in the San Jose metropolitan area. They’re an ear to your mid-day business ideas…and your rants about your boss. Every handshake here is an opportunity to make a friend, a new LinkedIn connection, or both.

And you can bet on having a fun time

Satellite workplaces are footsteps away from the action

The city waits for you at Satellite Workplaces. Imagine stepping out for lunch at a trendy café or unwinding post-work at a nearby restaurant or park. Strategically placed within the heart of bustling downtowns, Satellite Workplaces members enjoy the best local culture, dining, and entertainment available. The best way to experience it is to see it yourself in-person. Schedule a tour now to start planning a great day at a Satellite Workplaces near you.

Here's What People Are Saying About Satellite Workplaces

Rated 5.0/5 Out Of 67 Reviews

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I was at downtown Sunnyvale and I need a quick and quiet space. I used Get Croissant App to book my desk for hourly.I love their hourly space desks options. I only stayed 1 hour. Very clean restroom. Nice coffee. It was very organized, clean space. Ann was very helpful. She quickly introduced the space to me. I will definitely visit here again.
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I worked here for a day while visiting the area and this space was perfect! It's clean and quiet, and the community manager Ann was very attentive, friendly, and kind. There's also a kitchen with coffee and tea. Highly recommend!
Anup Goel
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The administrator is fantastic. She is very efficient and friendly. Keeps the place spicy and span and runs it like a well oiled machine. Peaceful, good parking space and fits all sizes. Great place to work of.
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Such a great place to work, everyone here is really friendly and its such a great and motivating atmosphere. The location is perfect right in the downtown of Sunnyvale! Staff is great and very helpful, and its dog friendly so you can take a 5 min break and pet the office dog a beautiful husky. Not many places can be relaxing to work and motivating at the same time. Highly recommend anyone interested to check out this space!
Jennifer “Jen” Housek
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This office space is gorgeous! It has a very open and spacious design with easy access to the many shops and restaurants of Murphy St. Plus it's easy to get to with a parking lot in the back and a cal train station 2 minutes away. The people who run it are very kind and accommodating and really give the space a welcoming feeling. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good place to work!
Renata de LaRocque
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I really Like working here! It's the kind of place you walk into and feel "I can get a lot of work done here." It's not your hyper-hip all techie youngsters loud sort of environment - Instead it's the kind of place anyone who wants to get some work done yet not be alone feel super welcome and comfortable. The Staff and members were all friendly and professional.

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