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The Four Historic Buildings of Satellite Workplaces

Satellite Workplaces boasts four historic buildings, each with its unique story. In Campbell, the Satellite is nestled in the iconic Pruneyard Shopping Center, a landmark since 1964, known for its mix of history, commerce, and community spirit. Sunnyvale’s Satellite is housed in the Historic Del Monte Building, a century-old structure that has been a fruit processing site and a commercial hub. The Los Gatos location, originally home to the historic Los Gatos hotel packs a lot of charm into a beautiful space. Felton’s Satellite, the first of its kind, resides in a building dating back to 1893, having served as a dance hall, grocery store, and more, now a symbol of the town’s evolution and the coworking movement.

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About Satellite Workplaces: Our Journey in the San Jose Area

Satellite Workplaces has a rich history that intertwines with the local heritage of its locations. The first-ever Satellite Workplace was established in the historic downtown of Felton, a testament to the company’s pioneering spirit in the coworking industry. This location, housed in a building with a storied past dating back to 1893, has evolved from an Alcazar Dance Hall to various commercial uses, embodying the transformative journey of the town itself. Satellite Sunnyvale, residing in the Historic Del Monte Building was originally constructed in 1904. This building, deeply rooted in Sunnyvale’s history, has served diverse purposes over the years, from a fruit processing site to a renowned commercial hub. Satellite Workplaces Campbell came to the Pruneyard Shopping Center in 2020, a location cherished for its blend of history, commerce, and community spirit, dating back to its origins as a sprawling orchard in 1964. Finally, Satellite Workplaces Los Gatos resides in the original site of the Los Gatos Hotel. Today, Satellite Workplaces in Lyndon Plaza continues to be a central hub for business and community activities, maintaining the legacy of a location that has been integral to the history and growth of Los Gatos. These locations collectively showcase Satellite Workplaces’ commitment to revitalizing historical sites and fostering a sense of community while providing modern, connected coworking spaces. Satellite Workplaces not only adapts historical buildings for contemporary use but also integrates them into the fabric of the community, creating spaces where history and modern work culture converge.

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