Featured Satellite Staff: Reed Thompson


Reed Thompson is a career-long Silicon Valley veteran, starting his career at Hewlett Packard, and then moving on to a fast-growth startup, Trace. Then, founding Youth Sports Network (now known as active.com), and later two other startups.

Reed is now working as the COO at Satellite Deskworks & Workplaces, primarily focusing on “Deskworks”.

“I move from one Satellite location to another, but I suppose “Home” is in Sunnyvale; as it is closest to my home – that’s what it is all about, right? Frankly, there are too many distractions in my home office, so the Satellite Workplace locations provide a welcoming home away from home. Also, the Members I’ve met are friendly and approachable.

I’m excited about my company Deskworks; we’ve really created an exemplary, timely, and important software solution for Coworking and Flex Space centers. The Deskworks team believes our solution is the very best available in the marketplace.

Lastly, I have 7 amazing kids (not really kids any longer) who are now beginning to add grandkids to the mix!”


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