Member Spotlight: Tony Martinez, negozee

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Tony Martinez is a very active Satellite member! He is one of the founders of negozee, a startup that supports Hispanic business owners. He guides them in launching, organizing, and scaling their businesses for success in America. And he loves what he does.

How did you get into your career and business? How did it all start?

I used to work at a Hispanic tax/accounting association where I met many Hispanic tax professionals across the nation. Many of them told me that their clients (Hispanic small business owners) needed help organizing their business finances. There wasn’t much information in Spanish about entrepreneurship in America. So I decided to build a social learning company for Hispanics to learn how to launch, organize, and scale businesses in America.

What brought you to Satellite Workplaces Campbell?

After working from home all of 2021, I needed to find a place where I could focus. I first looked at a Regus but it was too dry and “corporate”. Then I looked at a WeWork but I hated that it was Downtown with limited parking and a lot of traffic.

I love Satellite Campbell because it’s at The Pruneyard in the middle of all the action. There’s plenty of parking and 20 minutes away from home.

What is your favorite thing about Satellite Workplaces?

The staff (Mia and Marissa) are super nice and helpful. It’s available 24/7 so I can show up anytime. It’s always chill and it’s never overcrowded. The location is great and the price is very affordable for an early-stage startup like ourselves.

What is the biggest influence on your life?

My biggest influences are my parents and millions of people like them who made the treacherous journey to immigrate to America in search of a better life. This is why our startup is focused on helping Hispanic immigrants launch businesses in America. We’re helping them overcome the language and cultural barriers of launching a business in a foreign land. 

What’s something you’re personally excited about right now?

Every year there are 1 million Hispanics in the US who start businesses. I’m excited about this huge market potential for our startup to serve. We’re getting some traction with 1,000 members on our platform and a few sponsors/partners.

How do you balance work and personal time?

It’s been a bit hard because the business is asking so much from me at this early stage, but I try to make sure at least Sunday is personal/family time. I understand that to have a productive work week I need to recharge and rest during the weekend. I also take random days off during the week when I don’t have meetings.

Do you have a website?

Yes, And we have an app launching Thursday, September 29th at 4:30 pm! It will be a virtual launch party – stop by and join! You can utilize many free learning tools on negozee’s website including setting up a FREE profile. Or start a subscription for $28/month.

I also host a Facebook Live event every Friday!

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