Member Spotlight: Carolina Perez, Digital NEST

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Carolina Perez, Gilroy Center Director for Digital NEST, passionately empowers youth with technology training and resources while also pursuing her acting talents and sharing her life with her family and two rescue pups, Bob and Marly.

What do you do for work?

I’m the Gilroy Center Director for Digital NEST. Digital NEST offers technology training, mentorship, and resources to empower youth 14-24, fostering digital skills and career opportunities. We offer free membership, ensuring that all our services are accessible to our members without any cost.

How did you initially get started in your industry?

Embarking on this journey seven months ago after a career in mechanical engineering, I discovered this opportunity at the Gilroy Artists Round Table led by Ruben Villa. Ruben told me about Digital NEST and their need for a Center Director. I was driven to the position by a love for community work and a personal connection to the experiences of our members.

What brought you to Greenhouse Coworking?

Having been captivated by Greenhouse Coworking through a previous membership and participation in media classes, the joy intensified when I joined, discovering that Digital NEST already had offices here and I was destined to work in this inspiring environment.

The studio is incredible, offering endless possibilities! The friendly staff, coupled with the diligent efforts of the new Center Director, ensures robust support for both our members and staff.

Do you find it easy to make networking connections here? 

I take pleasure in meeting people and personally enjoy engaging with everyone who comes in. Through these interactions, I continually learn about services and explore collaborative opportunities.

Do you anticipate staying in this area for a long time?

I plan to stay here for a while as I have a deep love for my Gilroy town. I want the community to recognize it as a wonderful place to cultivate families and collectively create opportunities for growth.

What’s something you’re excited about right now?

I’m thrilled to showcase films in which I’ve acted and filled with pride as I check this accomplishment off my bucket list. Please check out the Watsonville Film Festival and the Poppy Jasper International Festival.

How do you balance work and personal time?

In managing my work and life, I approach it as integrating both into my lifestyle. It’s essential that the way I carry myself reflects a genuine belief in what I’m doing.

Who is your biggest influence?

My grandmother bestowed upon me the wisdom that being a person of service is a superpower, instilling a profound sense of purpose. My mother nurtured kindness and faith within me. Inspired by my daughter, I am driven to mentor and care for the youth of Gilroy, embracing the legacy of strength and compassion passed down through generations.

Do you have any pets?

Bob and Marly are two beautiful dogs that I adopted from the rescue center in San Martin. Rather than me rescuing them, it feels like they rescued me. They’re gorgeous, and I couldn’t bear the thought of separating two brothers, so I happily brought them home.

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