Member Spotlight: Kathleen Lawler Bodmer, Attorney at Law, PC

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Learn how Kathleen traversed a journey into her practice and why she loves being a member at our Los Gatos location!


Tell us about yourself!

First, let me thank our Community Manager, Stacy Griffiths, for asking me to be the “Member Spotlight” this month. I appreciate the opportunity to share a little bit about me and my practice. I am Kathleen Lawler Bodmer, an attorney focusing my practice on estate planning, trust administration, and business transaction law. I am originally from Massachusetts, having gone to Tufts University, obtaining a BS in Clinical Psychology, and then continuing on to Boston University to get my law degree. I’ve been out here in CA practicing since 2000, but maintained my law license in MA, as well. I have been married for 26+ years, with two kids, almost 22 and 20… And we have a crazy (rescued), lovable dog!

Can you tell us a bit more about what you do?

As mentioned above, I focus my practice on estate planning, trust administration, and business transaction law.  These areas let me help my clients get documents (living trusts, wills, durable powers of attorneys, health care directives, etc.), in force, to help my clients maintain their independence and control of their assets, without the court’s expensive and often intrusive involvement. When clients do pass on, I often assist with the administration of the trust, which is typically much more streamlined and cost-effective than a probate (court process) for distributing assets. My business transaction practice naturally developed from estate planning, as many of my clients have small businesses that need attention, so forming entities, buying, selling and transferring entities, contract review, etc., all fell in line and many of my clients are both estate planning and business clients.

What initially drew you to this industry? 

Funny story: When I was in 6th grade, we had a “career project” at school, and I wrote my paper on wanting to be an actress. Growing up in western Massachusetts meant that was very unlikely (and let’s be clear – it was a pipe dream). So, I turned the “acting” bug into “acting” before a jury and from then on, decided I’d become an attorney. Thereafter, my first role as a law clerk (while in law school) and after I graduated introduced me to estate litigation and divorce litigation (along with estate planning). Well, both of those trial areas are solely before a judge – no jury involved, so this required a very different approach to trial, causing a different dynamic between the judge and attorney. I soon determined having my own clients lie to me on the stand, and adult siblings having physical altercations (literally rolling around on my conference room floor, fighting!) was not how I wanted to spend my days. So, I regrouped, and changed my focus to solely the estate planning, and added the business practice a few years later.

What brought you to Satellite Workplaces?

When I first moved to CA in 2000, we landed in Santa Cruz for my husband’s job, and that’s where I built my practice. In 2011, we moved to Almaden Valley, and I began to develop a practice on “this side” of the hill. Additionally, my kids were much younger then and although we had a nanny, “if mom was home, the kids would always come find me,” which made working at home more of a challenge (although I loved the ability to take a break and see my kids). So, I needed a cost effective approach to finding office space closer to home, rather than driving to Santa Cruz each day. Satellite Los Gatos was (and is!) the perfect fit. I can use an office or conference room when I am meeting clients, and if I am just working, I can use the cafe space. And Stacy is a fabulous “second witness” when I have last will and testament signings there!

What’s your favorite thing about Satellite Workplaces?

There are many “favorite things” about The Satellite. It’s a clean, quiet, and relaxed environment, with easy parking and access, as well as simple for my clients to find. And Stacy is always very helpful and professional with my clients, as well as with troubleshooting any issues that may arise or questions I have. I also enjoy meeting new people that share the space when I am there. It is a great fit for me! I look forward to meeting more of you when I am there, and please reach out if you have any questions about my practice, or how I can help you.

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